The Bali-Büsten Manufaktur in Bonn, Germany

Our story

The Bali-Büsten Manufaktur was founded in 1924 in the town of Bad Lippspringe.

It was registered as BA-LI Büsten, Schwarzkopf u. Co.. In the 30s it was renamed to BALI Büsten – Schwarzkopf u. Co. Nachf.. In 1949, the company passed into the ownership of the Heinz W. Jasper family but kept its name – which was by then known worldwide – and relocated to Bonn.

For reasons of age, the company was offered for sale in 1968.

In 1968, Mister Ebe Ebsen, took over the business, turned it into a limited company (GmbH), and from then on operated under the name of Bali Büsten – Manufaktur GmbH – registered with the Bonn Commercial Registry as HRB 978.

Mister Ebe Ebsen retired in mid-2006. In April of that same year, Mrs. Ines Antonia Quant took over the (manufacturing) business as an individual enterprise.

2012 the company changed in Bali-Büsten Manufaktur GbR and Mrs. Petra Gimbel took also as an owner-manager to this manufacturing business.

Since 2018 the Manufacture managed again as sole proprietor by Ines Antonia Quant.

The company’s activities extend worldwide, with an emphasis on the EU.

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