Hobby-Line men individually adjustable dressforms for professional- and hobby-tailors

Individually adjustable dressforms which are affordable for hobby-tailors.

show informations Easy-Fit: a fully adjustable male form

show informations Thermo-Dummy: fits everyone

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Easy-Fit: Male Form – 8-part body

A fully adjustable male form


  • 12 adjusting wheels
  • available in large range of sizes, including a male and child form
  • adjustable neck
  • foam-backed nylon covering allows easy pinning and marking
  • strong tripod stand folds for easy storage
  • Hem Marker options


Size Male
 chest 94 bis 114cm (37″ bis 45″)
 hips 82 bis 101cm (32″ bis 40″)
 waist 99 bis 119cm (39″ bis 47″)
 back length 41 bis 47cm (16″ bis 18½”))
 neck 37cm + (14½” +)